Apple tipped to start making its own displays from 2024

According to a new report, Apple will start making its own custom displays starting in 2024, away from Samsung.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a trusted source for Apple news, claims that Apple will begin the process of moving away from Samsung and LG displays by offering screens for next year’s high-end Apple Watch refresh.

This will involve switching from the current OLED standard to MicroLED panels. MicroLEDs are similar to OLEDs in that each pixel is individually lit, but they use inorganic materials to provide illumination. The result is similarly deep blacks, but with much higher peak brightness than OLED.

The company is said to be already testing Micro LED screen technology on the Apple Watch Ultra.

After this wrist-mounted introduction in 2024, Apple displays should start appearing in the strong iPhone line. It would be a bigger job in every sense.

It’s apparently been an ongoing project at Apple headquarters for five years and has cost billions of dollars to date. Apple was apparently set to start manufacturing its own screens in early 2020, but technical issues have paid off after years of ambitions.

While this will undoubtedly hurt Samsung and LG’s bottom line, it’s not all bad news for third-party suppliers. The report claims that Apple doesn’t intend to ditch them entirely, but rather make sure its displays are manufactured to exact specifications.

Of course, Apple does the same with its A-series processors. While designing the chips themselves, it’s Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC that actually makes the majority of the processors.

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