Apple retail channel employees are facing layoffs

Just two days after learning of Google’s plans to cut 6% of its workforce, we’re hearing similarly pessimistic news. Apple employee. AppleInsider reports that Apple has begun laying off non-seasonal employees in retail channels other than Apple Stores.

Apple Layoffs: Retail Channel Employees For Now

Information about the layoffs reportedly came from an email received by AppleInsider and was confirmed by a source. Essentially, some people who work at Best Buy and other stores received 3rd day notice regarding their layoffs. An AppleInsider official was able to confirm that the layoffs were not due to seasonal employees (their contracts should have expired by now). Seasonal employees are people hired by Best Buy and Apple during periods of anticipated peak sales to meet additional demand from buyers.

At this time, it’s unclear what percentage of Apple’s workforce will be affected. AppleInsider said the information came from multiple sources, so there’s enough volume to be noted.

So far, Apple has not publicly announced any major job cuts. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said in November that the company was slowing down the hiring process.

Other big tech companies such as Microsoft and Google are currently laying off mass workers. Google is reportedly planning to cut 12,000 employees in the coming weeks. Amazon’s layoffs reportedly exceed his 18,000. Facebook is also expected to lay off some employees.

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