Apple Reality Pro VR Headset Will Likely Launch In 2023 – Report

Apple has been working on a mixed reality VR headset known as the Reality Pro for years, and it looks like it’s finally ready for real. According to a new report in Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter, the headset is due to ship in his 2023, and the company sees it as the year’s major new product.

As the report mentions, Apple has been working on the Reality Pro headset since at least 2017, and the company has pushed back several times from its originally planned 2019 release date. Developers Conference in June. Apple apparently wanted him to launch the headset in January 2023, but that plan has changed.

Developers are already using Reality Pro for testing purposes. The headset’s operating system was called “Borealis” within Apple, but the final public title will be xrOS. The headset will likely eventually ship in the fall of 2023, making it Apple’s big release of the year, but based on previous delays, nothing has been decided. , the report also says that the 2023 Mac lineup will be more modest than expected, with high-end Mac Pro models being canceled internally.

The highly anticipated PS VR 2 launches on February 22nd, 2023, and the world of VR will soon see another major shift.

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