Apple promotes Undo Send feature in Messages with new ‘R.I.P Leon’ iPhone 14 ad

Apple has released a whimsical new iPhone 14 ad promoting the recently added undo send feature in Messages.

advertisement, It was released alongside a second iPhone 14 commercial promoting the device’s new gimbal-like action mode.In a video that converts shaky video to smooth footage, a man texts a friend and kills his pet lizard as he watches it lying on his kitchen counter. I’m telling you it seems

When the man sends an iMessage, the lizard suddenly jumps up and remembers the iMessage the man sent, preventing his friend from seeing a previous message that falsely said his pet had died.

How to unsend an iMessage in iOS 16

  • After sending the iMessage you want to unsend, press and hold the message until a pop-up menu appears.
  • Tap the unsend option to remove the selected message from the conversation thread

In the conversation thread, you’ll see text indicating that the message has been removed from the chat.

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