Apple Music Classical Will Debut Next Week With iOS 16.3

Apple’s long-awaited classical music app, which offers genre-specific features, is set to launch next week with iOS 16.3.

apple music classicis the company’s newest streaming service focused on the classics genre and is set to debut next week on iOS 16.3. Although Apple missed its original target release date (originally he planned to launch Apple Music Classical by the end of 2022), the service is the latest in a slew of his January releases. increase. In 2021, Apple acquired Primephonic, a niche music streaming service focused on the classical genre. It took the streaming service offline shortly afterward, but promised to launch its own service dedicated to classical music. It’s been over a year since he first announced it, and it looks like Apple Music Classical is finally here.

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In a press release, Apple revealed that iOS 16.3 will be released next week. The company showcased new wallpapers and watch faces in celebration of Black History Month, but said iPhone wallpapers won’t be available until the iOS 16.3 update rolls out. It’s one of those rare cases where we know exactly.Twitter user iSoftware Updates dug into the source code of the iOS 16.3 Release Candidate (RC) developer beta and found hints that Apple Music Classical would debut.

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Why Apple Music Classical Debuts in iOS 16.3

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In iOS 16.3 RC, Apple changed and added some strings to the Music app for the renamed Apple Music Classical.’” the iSoftwareUpdates account wrote. Tweet.Until 16.3 beta 2 it was just Apple ClassicalThe account also provided screenshots of the iOS 16.3 RC code, showing some of the places Apple Music Classical could appear.

Perhaps the most concrete evidence of the expected debut of the Apple Music Classical app is in a screenshot showing that Apple added code to notify Apple Music users of the app.Open in Apple Music Classic” When “Find this album in an app designed for classical music‘ indicates the upcoming release of the streaming service. The code also shows a shortcut to jump users from the mainstream Apple Music app to Apple Music Classical.

iOS 16.3 RC hints that Apple Music Classical will debut next week, but this logic isn’t foolproof. For example, after a user discovered traces of his Apple Card Savings in his iOS 16.1 beta, many have led to believe that this feature will debut in his iOS 16.1. The release has come and gone without a trace of Apple Card Savings, and the feature is still not available today.

Despite the uncertainty apple music classic The beta of iOS 16.3 is strong evidence to suggest the service will debut next week.

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Source: Apple, Twitter / iSoftware Update

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