Apple Music and Apple TV beta apps for Windows now available

Earlier this week, 9to5Mac has revealed a first look at the new Apple Music and Apple TV apps coming to Windows 11. Now, Windows PC users can finally download beta versions of these apps directly from the Microsoft Store.

Apple Music and Apple TV apps now available on Windows

As Microsoft announced last year, Apple is finally bringing the Apple Music and Apple TV apps to Windows. Built with the latest technology, these apps run faster and use fewer resources than iTunes. Both the Apple Music and Apple TV apps are very similar to the versions already present on macOS, with slightly adapted interfaces for Windows.

The Apple TV app lets you watch Apple TV+ content, Apple TV channels, and movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store. Content can be streamed in 4K HDR if available and if the device supports such technology. Previously, the only way to access the platform on Windows was through his web browser, so this is a great addition for Apple TV+ subscribers.

As for the Apple Music app, it has almost all the features available in the macOS version, with the exception of lyrics and Dolby Atmos. Users can access their library through Apple Music or the iTunes Store. Your iTunes content will automatically be moved to the new app. However, please note that installing the Apple Music app will prevent iTunes from working.

Also, since iTunes is being replaced, Apple is also introducing another new app for Windows named Apple Devices. This app allows the user to sync, backup and restore his iOS device and old iPod using his PC. Apple warns that a new version of iTunes for Windows will be released in the future to maintain support for audiobooks and podcasts, as none of these features are available in the Apple Music app.

Here’s how to download the new Apple app

All three new Apple apps are now available for download from Microsoft. However, these are all beta apps, so some features may not work as expected. That’s why they’re all labeled “Preview”. Also, since these are beta apps, they may only be available in some regions.

Here is the download link:

All three apps require a PC running Windows 11.

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