Apple may allow users to build AR apps for mixed-reality headset using Siri

American tech giant Apple is reportedly working on ways to use Siri to create apps for its long-rumored mixed reality headsets.

The Verge, an American technology news website, reports that this new update was shared in a new report from The Information.

Siri is known to routinely mess with basic requests or throw errors in irritating ways. Now it looks like you can create a full augmented reality (AR) app that you can share with others on the App Store.

The technology behind this app creation tool comes from the 2017 acquisition of a startup named Fabric Software. The Information reported according to The Verge.

The outlet says that the development tools allow “users to design animals from scratch, program their animations, and move virtual animals around rooms and on or around real-life objects without needing to calculate their movements in 3D.” It may become possible to build apps using animals.” space with obstacles. ”

Apple is also working on ways to scan real-world objects with headsets so that people can create 3D models for their apps.

This sounds a bit like Epic’s free RealityScan app. In my limited, unscientific testing, it had trouble recreating objects found around the house, but The Verge says Apple’s headset probably works better.

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