Apple Is Collaborating With Google And Mozilla To Develop Speedometer 3

Apple, Google, and Mozilla announced Contributing to the development of Speedometer 3, a benchmarking tool that measures the performance of modern web browsers. These three companies are some of the biggest players in this space, producing three of the world’s most popular browsers, Safari (Apple), Chrome (Google) and Firefox (Mozilla), hence the collaboration. marks an important milestone in the technology industry. ).

What is a speedometer and why is it important?

Developed by Apple in 2013, Speedometer is a tool that web developers have been using to measure the performance of their web applications. It does this by simulating user actions and measuring the response speed of the application. This tool helped the developer optimize the performance of her web app and provide users with a smooth and seamless user experience.

The latest stable release named Speedometer 2.1 uses multiple examples of TodoMVC to simulate user actions to add, complete, and remove ToDo items. TodoMVC is a project that provides different JavaScript MVC frameworks to showcase different architectural approaches. It also includes a set of tests that measure the performance of various frameworks and libraries such as React, Angular and Vue.js.

What can you expect from Speedometer 3?

According to Google, the team’s goal is to “jointly improve our understanding of performance on the web and improve browser performance in ways that benefit our users,” and Apple’s WebKit team says the collaboration will “further improve our benchmarks.” and help improve browser performance.” for users. The three companies are working together to develop Speedometer 3 using his GitHub’s collaborative governance model.

At the moment, not many details have been provided about the project as it appears to be in the early stages of development. However, his GitHub list already exists where users can check his Speedometer 3 updates.

Overall, the collaboration between Apple, Google, and Mozilla in developing Speedometer 3 is a big step forward for the technology industry and web performance. Together, these companies ensure that web developers have the tools and resources they need to create high-performing, user-friendly web applications.

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