Apple Fitness+ to Add Kickboxing, Beyoncé Workouts

Apple announced(opens in new window) Tons of new Fitness+ content starting January 9, including kickboxing, a new meditation program for sleep, and 7 new workouts featuring tracks from Beyoncé’s latest album Renaissance.

Kickboxing is added as a new full body cardio workout type. Each workout consists of a round of distinct movements followed by his one final round. This will be a combination of all the moves the user has learned in his one “full force”. – Minute intervals. Users can choose between 10, 20 and 30 minute workouts with no equipment required.

Three new trainers will also join the fitness app. Leading kickboxing training includes Muay Thai fighter Nezu his Dally, HIIT trainer Brian Cochrane, and strength trainer Jen Lau.

Starting January 9th, Fitness+ subscribers will be able to choose from seven workouts featuring Beyonce’s music. Cycling, dance, HIIT, Pilates, strength, treadmill and yoga.

Apple says that the energy and themes of Beyoncé’s soundtrack Workout are “inspired” by Beyoncé’s album. Renaissance“The idea of ​​rediscovering what makes an individual unique and powerful”.

Don’t worry if Beyoncé isn’t to your liking. Fitness+ added a workout featuring Foo Fighters music on his January 16th, and a week later on his January 23rd Bad His Bunny soundtrack his workout dropped on the platform. increase.

In addition to pop music and fast-paced workouts, the fitness app is rolling out a new meditation theme called Sleep on the tenth January 9th. Apple says new sleep meditations will be added “weekly” and the new Meditations for Sleep program will consist of “four 20-minute meditations” ending with “five minutes of relaxing music.”

The company says the meditations can be done “at any time and in any order,” and each meditation uses a different technique to help the user rest.

For those who want to walk more often, Fitness+ is adding new episodes to its Time to Walk series featuring inspiring celebrity voiceovers. The first drop of new content on January 9th is with actor Jamie Lee Curtis.

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Curtis said, “The importance of embracing life’s most unexpected moments, the transformative power of serving those in need, and how the death of a beloved celebrity leads her into a daily ritual of self-reflection. I ponder on Taka.

Each week, new content is added to the Time to Walk series by celebrities such as talk show host Amber Ruffin, US figure skater Nathan Chen and actor Jason Segel.

And finally, the app will introduce two new collections curated to help users reach their fitness goals. The first of the two, titled Resume Fitness in 6 Weeks, is designed to help users build new habits by exercising daily and launches January 9th. The second “level up core training” will be released on his January 23rd

Fitness subscription service for $9.99/month can be shared with up to 5 family members.

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