Apple Devices app for Windows mentions xrOS and realityOS

9to5Mac Apple reported Wednesday that Apple will soon release a new Apple Devices app that will replace iTunes for syncing and backing up iOS devices on Windows. Interestingly, however, the new Apple Devices app code contains references to both xrOS and realityOS.

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Apple’s xrOS/realityOS platform mentioned in new Apple Devices app

As pointed out by a Twitter user @aaronp613 (via Mac Rumors) also had early access to the new Apple Devices app for Windows, whose code mentions “realityOS” and “xrOS”. Both names are related to Apple’s rumored mixed reality headset. These names were previously touted as potential operating system names for Apple’s new AR/VR devices.

Apple Devices is a new app developed by Apple that will allow Windows users to manage their iOS devices and older iPods after the release of the new Apple Music and Apple TV apps that replace iTunes. Given that the app’s code mentions realityOS and xrOS, it appears that a user can also use a computer to sync, or at least restore, his Apple’s new headset firmware.

The name “realityOS” seems to be the most obvious choice after Apple registered its new operating system as a shell company. The company has also registered trademarks such as “Reality One,” “Reality Pro,” and “Reality Processor,” so the name “realityOS” sounds perfect for these products.

Of course, this is marketing terminology, and these can easily change anytime before the product launches. last month, bloomberg reported that Apple has decided on “xrOS” as the platform name for its new headset. The name is a reference to “augmented reality”, which makes sense given the overall idea of ​​​​the integration of AR and VR.

However, according to sources, 9to5Mac Apple also uses “realityOS” internally for something related to new mixed reality products. It’s unclear at this time if the platforms have different purposes or if Apple is experimenting with both names.

A recent report by Mark Gurman revealed that Apple is gearing up to unveil a mixed reality headset in the spring ahead of WWDC 2023. Gurman also reported that Apple will introduce new Macs this spring. Events from March to May.

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