Apple cuts trade-in values of its iPhones

For the first time in two months, Apple has reduced trade-in prices for many iPhones and other products.

Spotted by MacRumors, this tweak is pretty significant for some phones.

For example, trade in an iPhone 13 Pro Max at Apple and get $650 off up to $570 off the new product. The same device was worth $720 in November, just before Apple last adjusted its trade-in offer.

The iPhone 13 Pro also drops $80 to $470, and the iPhone 13 drops $50 to $400. After finishing the iPhone 13 line, the mini will go up to $350. It used to be $380.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro also lose value in Apple’s trade-in deals (up to $400, previously $480, and up to $330 if previously $400 each), while the iPhone 12 remains unchanged and the maximum $300 remains. Mini up to $250.

The trade-in value for older iPhones is pretty much the same as the adjustments made in November, dating all the way back to the iPhone 7, where the trade-in value is still $40.

But iPhones aren’t the only ones affected by Apple’s decision to change trade-in prices. Some Macs and Apple Watch are also seeing changes.

However, in all cases except the Apple Watch SE, the trade-in value actually increased (slightly) or stayed the same.

For example, the MacBook Pro now costs $670, $40 more than its previous price. The Apple Watch 7 increases in price from $155 to as high as $160. The Apple Watch SE is now $65, up from $70 previously, and the iPad is unchanged.

Apple also accepts some Android phones and has reduced trade-in prices for many of these.

For a complete list of Apple trade-in values, check out their website.

Apple is expected to review its trade-in pricing structure from time to time. Last year he had three changes, so expect some more cuts in 2023, especially around the time he releases new products.

If you’re looking to trade in your iPhone or other Apple device, remember that you have options other than returning it to the company. Check out these tips for selling your iPhone. Advice applies to other gadgets as well.

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