Apple Could Skip Watch Series 9 For Apple Watch X

Apple is rumored to be skipping the upcoming Watch Series 9 in favor of the so-called “Apple Watch X,” but the veracity of the reports is still unclear.

According to a new report, Apple is skipping the Watch Series 9 for apple watch xIn that case, it will follow the naming conventions of Apple’s iPhone lineup. It also skipped the iPhone 9 and launched iPhone X and iPhone XS devices instead. The latest Apple Watch models are the Series 8 and Watch SE 2, while the Apple Watch Ultra is ruggedly built and aimed at serious athletes.

A new leak from a relatively obscure source claims that Apple could release an “Apple Watch X” in 2024.french blog iPhone software cites an unnamed source from an Apple supplier named Luxshare, which makes display panels for iPhones and other Apple products. According to the report, his Luxshare sources in Vietnam claim the news came directly from his Apple employee working on the project. The so-called Apple Watch X will also come with watchOS 10, though no details were provided on what to expect in terms of features and functionality.

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Given Apple’s history with the iPhone X, it’s possible the company will release an Apple Watch X to mark the 10th anniversary of the Apple Watch. However, a significant discrepancy raises proper questions about the accuracy of this leak. The report claims that Apple will skip the Watch Series 9 and instead release the Watch X in 2024. This is clearly a mistake as Watch Series 9 He is set to release later this year rather than 2024. So if the Watch Series X is real, then either he will launch in 2024 as a follow-up to this year’s Watch Series 9, or this one. Year instead of Series 9.

Also, details about the new features, design and other possible aspects of the Apple Watch X have not been revealed. Even if it were a reality, it would be interesting to see if it would yield anything more than a simple change in naming convention. The iPhone X was Apple’s historic redesign of its smartphone, introducing the notched design the company still uses today. Until we learn more about the potential of the new watch, it’s imperative that you take the rumors with a grain of salt.

Apple’s smartwatch plans for 2024 may be unclear, but multiple recent reports have revealed some information about the company’s upcoming iPhone and iPad lineup. Two iPads and one MacBook are rumored to switch to OLED screens, and there are rumors that Samsung can manufacture the panels.As for the potential iPhone 16, leaks suggest that the Pro model in next year’s lineup could feature a periscope zoom camera and under-display Face ID. would be interesting apple watch x Whether it’s real or Apple sticks to its usual naming convention for future smartwatches.

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Source: iPhoneSoft (French)

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