Apple ‘confidential’ in building RTP campus

Durham – There are signs of construction at the planned future site of the Apple campus, which can accommodate more than 3,000 employees. For example, a stormwater permit was submitted on Friday.

According to public records obtained by WRAL News, work is underway to prepare the approximately 281-acre site adjacent to Lewis Stephens Drive and Little Drive in Wake County.

A number of permits and documents have been filed with Wake County, according to the documents.

These included a permit application, dated 26 August 2022, with a notation stating “construction trailers with associated grading and erosion control” and another document stating “electrical and plumbing”. It is shown to have been approved by Wake County officials on September 26th. January 1, 2022.

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But just because the permit is in progress doesn’t mean Apple’s plans will be announced any time soon.

That’s what Bruce Thompson, Parker Poe’s attorney and representative of Acute Investments, LLC, the entity associated with Apple’s planned campus site, said was “confidential business information” and “trade secret.”

The attorney’s letter, also dated August 26, 2022, states:

“Acute requires that marked information be treated as ‘confidential’ according to NC Gen. Stat. § 132-1.2. The records contain trade secrets and are legally recognized and protected. See NC Gen. Stat. §§ 66-152(3); 132-1.2. Further, the enclosed document contains information that, if disclosed, would give an advantage to Acute’s competitors and would not serve any public purpose. ”

Another document obtained by WRAL News shows that a permit authorizing the temporary construction entrance was filed between August 26, 2022 and October 21, 2022.

Apple chooses Triangle for $1 billion new campus, thousands of jobs paying an average of $187,000 three years later

Permission Approved – Conditional

On November 4, 2022, Wake County conditionally granted approval for a watershed management construction plan to the applicant listed as Bruce Thompson/Acute Investments, LLC. It also supports grading and erosion control functions. A plan has been approved to limit the maximum impermeable surface to 0 SF (0.0 acres). ”

Other conditions apply, such as a mandatory pre-construction meeting, no ground leveling other than the installation of soil erosion and anti-settling measures.

Apple’s new campus brings big changes to Triangle’s workforce and jobs. Here’s how:

As of Friday, Acute Investments has submitted eight applications using the Wake County Stormwater Hybrid Tool, which is required for all stormwater submissions. The first is August 2022 and the eighth is Friday, January 6, 2023.

Ann York, an economics professor at Meredith University, said, “Given the economy is so uncertain, it’s no surprise to me that they didn’t break ground sooner.

Economist Mike Walden said timing could be an issue for Apple in an uncertain economy, but it’s unlikely to affect incentives from states.

“The big incentives start when the company is launched, projects are completed, employees are hired, and they are up and running,” says Walden.

However, Acute Investments and Apple’s clocks may be ticking. This is because, according to documents obtained by WRAL News, a “field decision” was completed on 23 May 2022 on the proposed development, as of the date of the letter dated 31 May 2022, which was sent following the decision. Because it is shown to expire in 5 years.

WRAL News previously reported that the land was purchased by Acute Investments LLC in late 2018. Thompson is listed as a lobbyist for Apple in an economic development agreement announced in April 2021, he reported to WRAL News. Apple has leased space in Cary’s building owned by MetLife, and he reportedly spent more than $19 million on the renovation.

Apple plans to spend $19.3 million to upgrade Cary’s MetLife building

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