Apple Celebrates Data Privacy Day by Unveiling a New Set of Educational Resources to help user Take Control of their Data

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In January alone, two privacy class action lawsuits were filed against Apple (01 and 02), but today Apple said, “Apple is announcing new education and awareness initiatives on Data Privacy Day. Built on our commitment to privacy.

Apple says the new Today at Apple session will educate users on how to protect their data as threats to the privacy and security of personal information increase. Apple has also partnered with her Apple TV+ to raise awareness of the importance of data privacy. Ted Russo Nick Mohammed stars in “A Day in the Life of the Average Man’s Data”.

These educational efforts build on Apple’s long-standing track record as a privacy leader, with innovations to help people understand how their data is being used and better ways to protect it. It has many tools. As a company that believes privacy is a fundamental human right, Apple designed features like his App Tracking Transparency and Privacy Nutrition Labels to put users in the driver’s seat when it comes to data.

Protect user privacy with Today at Apple

Starting Saturday, January 28, a new Today at Apple session, “Taking Charge of Your Privacy on iPhone,” will explore features like email privacy protection, safety checks, location services, passkeys, and more. In this session, participants will learn how to customize each feature based on their personal privacy settings.

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Today at Apple offers free creative sessions to help you get the most out of your Apple products. This new 30-minute session of his is available at all Apple Store locations worldwide. Customers can also sign up for Group Bookings to schedule group, organizational, or class sessions.

Anyone, regardless of experience level, can sign up for a Today at Apple session at an Apple Store near you by registering at

Tracey Hannelly, Apple’s Senior Director of Retail Engagement and Marketing, said: “In celebration of Data Privacy Day, we are excited to offer this new Today at Apple session so that customers can learn more about our industry-leading privacy features.”

3 Apple-Data-Privacy-Day-LifestyleToday at Apple offers free creative sessions to help you get the most out of your Apple products. Beginning January 28, a new session, “Manage Your Privacy on iPhone,” will help users better understand Apple’s privacy features and learn more about protecting their data.

Build privacy from scratch

Privacy is built into all Apple products and services from the ground up, from the moment you open your device to every time you use an app. Apple products and features include innovative privacy technologies designed to minimize the amount of user data that everyone has access to.

This is why Safari throws trackers out of the way. This is why the Health app keeps your records private, and why Siri learns what you need, not who you are. These are just a few of the dozens of privacy features built into the foundation of every product and every service Apple makes.

Apple believes everyone should have clear insight into how their data is being used, and have the tools to decide when and with whom to share their data. increase.Whimsical short film ‘A Day in the Life of an Average Person’s Data’ invites users to follow Apple TV+ Ted Russo Star Nick Mohammed explains how bad actors misuse data and how Apple works to keep his personal information safe.

“At Apple, we are focused on designing devices, features and services that give users control over their personal data,” said Erik Neuenschwander, Apple’s Director of User Privacy. “Over the years, we have integrated powerful privacy controls into our operating systems. You can understand that it is at the heart of all our activities.”

Our commitment to transparency and control, as well as our commitment to privacy-preserving innovations across technology, gives Apple users more choice and control over their personal information. On Data Privacy Day and every day, teams at Apple promote this commitment. For more information about Apple’s privacy features, visit

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