Apple Card offering $55 Daily Cash to cover WSJ subscription

In a new offer to promote the Apple Card, Apple is now offering $55 Daily Cash to new Apple Card holders with a one-year subscription to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) All Access Digital. According to Apple, the offer will cover the subscription costs of anyone applying for her Apple Card for the first time.

Sign up for WSJ All Digital and Earn $55 with New Apple Card

In an email sent to consumers this week, Apple said that anyone who gets an Apple Card and subscribes to WSJ Digital with the new card before the end of January will be covered for a year’s subscription fees and surcharges. states that he will receive $55 in daily cash. .

Of course, the offer is not only a good opportunity for new consumers to try the Apple Card, but it is also a good time for Apple to promote one of the card’s greatest benefits: Daily Cash. Daily Cash allows you to receive cash back on every Apple Card purchase. This cashback can be up to 3% depending on the merchant.

To be eligible for this offer, you must apply for an Apple Card through this specific webpage. Then, within 60 days, if the Apple Card is approved, he can subscribe to WSJ Digital and receive $55 cash back. Apple Card applications made after January 31, 2023 are not eligible for benefits. Unfortunately, this offer is not valid for current Apple Card holders.

Get your new Apple Card through the link below by January 31st and subscribe within 60 days to get $55 in Daily Cash for 1 year of free access to WSJ Digital.

Apple Card gives you unlimited daily cashback on every purchase, every day. Apply in just 1 minute and see credit limits and interest rate offers without impacting your credit score.

For those unfamiliar, the Apple Card is Apple’s own credit card. No fees. Quickly check if you’re approved without impacting your credit score. Apple Card is based on Apple Pay, but Apple also offers physical cards for places that don’t accept NFC payments. Apple Card is currently only available in the US.

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