Apple boosting ‘Make In India’ with new assembling centres


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Released: January 20, 2023 (Friday) 13:35 [IST]

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India welcomes electronics manufacturers with open arms, so there are few hurdles for the 12 Chinese suppliers to enter Apple Inc.

New Delhi, January 20:
Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched his ‘Made in India’ mission and introduced many promotions and incentive schemes, several smartphone makers have started to move their base to India. Apple Inc., which already has an assembly arm in India and manufactures and exports iPhones from India, is now setting up his nearly a dozen new assembly centers in the country.

We have already obtained permits for all these new units from the Government of India. More than a dozen Chinese suppliers to tech giant Apple have received initial approval from the Indian government, according to the report. These companies are trying to diversify their production bases and align with Apple’s goal of reducing its reliance on China.

Apple boosts 'Make In India' with new assembly center

It should be noted that in recent years, iPhone suppliers have faced problems in the Chinese production sector. To reduce the amount of trouble, we had to close some stores and cut our workforce. Meanwhile, India has provided a safe and smooth transition for its suppliers to Apple Inc.

AirPods assembly may also come to India

India is helping Apple Inc. a lot by providing not only the huge market that Apple Inc. serves, but also the ecosystem necessary to manufacture smartphones. Nevertheless, the report claims AirPods and iPhone assembler Luxshare Precision Industry Co. has obtained government approval.

Apple India launches multiple jobs at retailers in Delhi and MumbaiApple India launches multiple jobs at retailers in Delhi and Mumbai

Similarly, the division that lens manufacturer Sunny Optical Technology Group Ltd applied to set up a center in India also obtained the necessary permits. The Indian government welcomes electronics manufacturers with open arms, so there are few hurdles for these dozen Chinese suppliers. So these units may appear sooner or later.

Luxshare already works for Apple

Earlier this month, news agency Reuters reported that Apple was set to strike a deal with Chinese contract manufacturer Luxshare Precision Industry Co Ltd to produce premium iPhone models. Now there is talk that the Chinese manufacturer itself is installing units in India.

It is not yet clear if the deal is about setting up a unit in India.Note that Luxshare is not new to Apple Inc., as it produces a small number of iPhone 14 Pro Max at its Kunshan factory. is needed. The temporary deal comes after Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory ran into trouble the previous year.

Story premiered: Friday, January 20, 2023, 13:35 [IST]

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