Apple Airtag Saves Dog’s Life in California Flood

The Apple Airtag seems to do more than Apple expected. We’ve heard a lot of news about Airtags helping you find a variety of lost items. Such items include mobile phones, wallets, house keys, car keys, etc. In some cases, the Apple Airtag feature seems to be even more useful than Apple’s “Find My” feature.

This week, I came across another piece of Apple Airtag news that could help someone find a lost item. The report shows that Apple Airtag is not only doing some work on the “Find My” feature, but is also taking over work on rescue missions. Well, let’s just say that the rescue team’s job just got a whole lot easier.

Apple Airtag helps find missing dogs

Apple Airtags reportedly found lost dogs and saved their lives. This dog was taken away in the recent California floods. An Australian named Seamus and his Shepherd were separated from their owner during a walk and accidentally fell into a fast-moving storm drain during a walk.

Seamus fell into a flood control pond and was quickly swept away by his owner, who had no chance of saving him at that moment.Seamus was able to crawl out of the access tube. Thanks to his Apple Airtag on Seamus’ collar, rescuers were able to locate his owner. The owner was also able to track the location of his Seamus using Airtag. apple air tag

The drain network displaced Seamus about a mile before he got stuck at the bottom of the access tube. The San Bernardino County Fire Department posted on her Facebook page after the successful rescue. The post states that both air tags and traditional ID tags have helped both rescuers and owners locate their dogs.

Apple does not recommend using Airtags on pets

Apple basically designed Airtags to help track items. The company does not recommend using it to track children or pets. This is because the Airtag does not have built-in GPS. Requires a phone nearby to work. However, many pet owners still use it on their pets.

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