appCURE and Application Readiness Partner to Streamline Application Transformation for Businesses

London, United Kingdom, February 9, 2023 ( – appCURE, a leading provider of application transformation solutions, and Application Readiness, a leading provider of application reporting and migration services, announce partnership to bring their respective expertise and technology to support the digital transformation of businesses Did.

Through this partnership, appCURE and Application Readiness will provide a comprehensive solution that simplifies and streamlines the application transformation process from capture to delivery, reducing time-to-production from years to months. The joint solution also addresses the challenges companies face when migrating legacy applications to the modern workspace, including compatibility issues and security risks.

appCURE CTO Ryan Mangan said: “By combining appCURE’s leading-edge processes and methodologies with Application Readiness’ expertise in application reporting and migration, we believe companies will be able to significantly improve the speed and efficiency of their application transformation projects.”

“Application Readiness is pleased to join forces with appCURE to deliver a solution that meets the growing demand for modern and efficient application transformation,” said Greg Lambert, CEO. And compete in today’s rapidly changing technology driven market. ”

Built on the appCURE process, the appCURE portfolio has the ability to create the best and most leveraged environments for digital workspaces by automating the creation of multiple package format types including MSIX, App Attach and VMware App Volumes. provide. The joint solution also leverages Application Readiness’ extensive experience in application readiness and migration to provide the support businesses need to migrate their applications with confidence.

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About appCURE

appCURE is a leading provider of application conversion solutions, focused on helping customers solve their challenges.
Solve application challenges and reduce time to production. We specialize in transforming digital workspaces and server workloads.

About application readiness

Application Readiness is a provider of application reporting and migration services that help companies modernize technology and migrate applications to new operating systems and platforms.

For more information on application readiness, please contact:

Greg Lambert, CEO

Application preparation

Phone: +1 778 677 4033


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