Anker’s 150W charger completely changed how I charge my tech

Frankly, it’s not exciting to talk about chargers. Everyone uses them, and they’re a must-have for the latest tech gadgets.

Because that’s exactly what I’m doing in the next few hundred words. A few months ago Anker sent me his 747 charger. This is the latest lineup of GaNPrime chargers. It’s probably smaller than your current fast charger, has significantly more ports, and is even smarter. It’s not the flashiest tech I’ve used this year, but it’s one of the most influential.

Port heavy, size light

Joe Mulling/Digital Trends

The biggest immediate benefit of the Anker 747 is port selection. It sports three USB-C ports and one USB-A port. Amazon has no shortage of multi-device chargers with 5, 6, or 10 ports, but they’re mostly limited to slow USB-A outputs.

What’s impressive about the 747 is that you have three high-speed USB-C outputs at your disposal, and instead a full-sized USB-A port when you need it. What’s even more impressive is that Anker has packed all these ports into a surprisingly small body.

Despite offering a maximum power output of 150W, the Anker 747 is smaller than the 140W and 96W chargers Apple ships with the M1 MacBook Pro. And don’t forget, they only offer one USB-C port and have a lower total power output.hell it’s not honest that Much bigger than Apple’s 30W charger. It’s a tremendous amount of ports/power for a charger of this size and that’s a big reason why I use this so often.

Anker 747 charger next to Apple charger.
Anker 747 next to Apple’s 30W charger. Joe Mulling/Digital Trends

When I’m at home, I keep my Anker 747 plugged in by my nightstand. It powers his MagSafe charger for my iPhone, Apple Watch charger and whenever he needs to connect something else he has two free ports. And when I’m traveling, the 747 saves me from carrying 3-4 chargers. 1.

Not that these multiple chargers took up a ton of space in my backpack/suitcase, but the peace of mind is incredible. Instead of checking, just make sure you packed your Anker 747.

Fast, smart, reliable charging

Anker 747 charger on the table.
Joe Mulling/Digital Trends

But the Anker 747’s design isn’t the only reason I’m back. I also like that the charger is fast. If he uses only one port, the Anker 747 has a maximum output of 100W. However, using two, three, or all four ports yields 150W of charging horsepower. That’s fast enough to fast charge an iPhone 14 Pro, Pixel 7 Pro, and Galaxy Z Fold 4. Laptop Like the 2022 iPad Pro and M2 MacBook Air.

However, it’s not the speed at which the Anker 747 charges devices that is particularly good, how that charging occurs. Using PowerIQ 4.0 technology, Anker 747 can detect the current battery life of connected devices and prioritize those that need charging speed the most.

Hell, you can even charge a big tablet fast Laptop.

Let’s say you connect an iPhone 14 with 50% battery and a Pixel 7 with just 10% battery. The Anker 747 knows the Pixel is low, so it knows it needs to charge faster. Also, this is not a feature that should be manually enabled at any time. It’s always running in the background and ready to use.

This is far less flashy than a retro battery pack with a transparent design, but it adds a level of reliability that I greatly appreciate. Just plug everything in and walk away to find everything charging quickly and efficiently.

my new go-to charger

Anker 747 charger next to your phone or other device.
Joe Mulling/Digital Trends

Before I got the Anker 747, my charging settings were… not great. My office was littered with single-device USB-C chargers, and when I needed a refill, I usually just grabbed the nearest one. It was an inefficient and clumsy way to go, but it’s a habit I’ve fallen into.

The Anker 747 completely broke that habit. It has changed my charging life both at home and when traveling, and it has made my life a lot easier. Is that something I actively think about every day? No. However, I use the 747 every day and regularly appreciate how well it performs.

There aren’t many chargers I’d recommend buying for over $100, but the Anker 747 more than deserves its $110 asking price.

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