Android Auto’s massive redesign is finally rolling out to everyone

Two months into beta, Google’s new dashboard is here

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Redesigning the new Android Auto has come a long way. We’ve been waiting a long time to get our hands on this revamped car-friendly UI since it was officially unveiled at last year’s Google I/O in September 2021. Today, after a two-month beta period, Google attended his CES 2023 and announced that Android Auto’s new dashboard will be available to all drivers starting today.


It’s been in open beta since November, but getting into the program is easier said than done and there was a cap on the maximum number of participants who jumped in from the Play Store. It’s been a long time since Android Auto was redesigned, so today’s move is even more important. Not to mention a shortcut dock) allows you to safely get where you need to go, with maps, music, and communications all at your fingertips. your fingertips.


Source: Google

The refreshed look is sure to grab the attention of those who weren’t included in the beta, but it’s more than just a repaint. Provides smart suggestions directly to the driver, including options to start playing.

Google is also rolling out a media playbar with this update. This has previously been seen separately from the Auto redesign. It took quite a while, but it actually makes it possible to quickly rewind any media. WhatsApp also supports Auto voice calls, but currently only on “latest” Pixel and Samsung phones.

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At this point, we can’t wait for the Android Auto update, codenamed Coolwalk, but that’s not the only automotive announcement Google made at CES. Digital Car Key Sharing was introduced to Pixel and iPhone in December, but today the company confirmed plans to expand the program to Samsung and Xiaomi later this year. It’s limited, but Google promises to expand to more brands in the future.

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Source: Google

Finally, good news for Android Automotive users. If your vehicle supports Google Automotive Services (as most cars do), HD maps will soon be in your car. This upgrade adds support for lane markers, signs, and road barriers to navigation, making assisted and autonomous driving safer and more reliable. It is being installed in the Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3 today, and will soon be available in other vehicles.

At CES this year, Google isn’t just focusing on cars. The company also announced a partnership with Spotify to make media streaming on Android smarter. You’re probably saving the biggest changes to your mobile platform for I/O in the next few months.

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