Android Auto Updates To Helpful Split-Screen Look – channelnews

Android Auto has been updated to allow users to pop up maps, music, messages and other alerts in a new split screen. By leaving the map on screen while adding another pane or two, Google says it offers “a more personal and accessible experience when you’re behind the wheel.” said to be focused.

Regular users know that until now Android Auto has prioritized either the media player or navigation, relegating the other option to the bottom status bar. But now he can jump through a podcast, for example, and still have the Google Maps screen as his main window.

Users report that while it may seem like they’re just reading about it, it’s not a distraction on the road. You can also limit it to one app at a time.

Another useful aspect is that the Google Assistant will be more useful in the car, with messages sliding in as a third segment in the corner and possibly a one-touch option to send standard replies to text. You can also send an ETA to your contacts if you are heading somewhere.

The launcher bar remains, and recently used apps can be placed on the side or bottom of the screen for quick recall.

One feature on the upcoming list of recent Samsung and Pixel phones is the ability to create WhatsApp from within Android Auto. We don’t have an exact date for the broader rollout, but it’s slated for mid-year, and you can check it out at CES 2023 this week.

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