Android Auto Update Tracker December 2022: Version 8.6.1249 Available

The Search Engine Tech Giant planned to launch a new UI for Android Auto. At the recent Google event IO 2022, the company hinted at Android Auto’s upcoming user interface with multitasking capabilities.

What is Android Auto?

For those of you who don’t know, Android Auto is an application developed by Google that mirrors some of the functionality of your Android smartphone onto your car’s display. Once you’ve paired your device with Car Show, you can use some useful applications on your display. Send and receive text messages, navigate Google Maps, listen to your favorite podcasts and media apps, and easily access what you need while driving, so you can focus on your drive without interrupting your normal routine.

The company regularly updates its application to make the consumer’s driving experience safer and more accessible. In early 2022, the company showed his new UI for his Android Auto app. This article covers the latest updates, features, and more. Please check this out for details.

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What are the features of the Android Auto app?

Android Auto is an intelligent driving companion that helps you stay connected and fun with your Google Assistant. It has a very simple and easy-to-use interface so you can smoothly run supported apps on the go.

You can perform tasks on your vehicle’s display with the help of Google Assistant. Some of them are:

  • Use Google Maps with real-time GPS navigation and traffic alerts to choose your route to your next destination.
  • Get instant real-time updates on progress, estimated arrival times and hazards.
  • You can check your calendar to know where you need to be.
  • Set reminders, get news updates, and see last night’s scores.
  • Avoid distractions while driving by setting a custom Do Not Disturb message while driving.
  • With Android Auto, you can easily make calls with your Google Assistant and answer calls with a tap.
  • You can access your contacts folder and send and receive messages with Google Assistant using messaging apps like SMS, WhatsApp, Skype and Telegram.
  • Manage your entertainment and broadcast systems like never before.
  • Access and listen to your favorite media apps including Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music and TIDAL – High Fidelity Music Streaming. Music, radio, sports news, audiobooks and podcast apps are also supported.

With so many features covered, let’s head over to the update tracker. Here are the new changelogs available through Android Auto app updates.

Android auto update tracker

The company updates the app regularly. Here is the changelog for 2022:

December 10th: Google has started pushing a new Android Auto beta build for version 8.6.1249. The dark mode of his UI in cars has been separated from smartphones. This update includes some improvements and bug fixes.

November 24th: Google is rolling out new beta builds of Android Auto. It comes with version 8.6.1246. The package size is 35.41MB. This update improves user experience and DND functionality. It also fixes some issues.

November 16th: The Google Android Auto app receives a new update for version 8.5.6245. This update brings bug fixes and improvements to improve user experience and app stability.

November 4th: The Google Android Auto app receives a new update with beta This update brings bug fixes and improvements to enhance application performance.

October 21st: Google Android Auto has received a new beta update for version 8.4.1242. This update fixes bugs, enhances user experience, and improves app stability.

October 4: Google Android Auto receives a new update for version 8.2.6239. This update brings performance improvements, bug fixes, enhancements, and more.

The company officially unveiled a new UI called Coolwalk for Android Auto in 2021, but has been silent since. And finally, the public beta of the new Coolback UI. The most highly anticipated Android Auto Coolwalk UI is reportedly rolling out to most car head units around the world. So Google released his Android Auto v8.5.6245 and Coolwalk UI via stable channel. And we’ll talk about the new UI, the features it provides, and more.

With the help of the new interface, users can run many apps at once on the car screen. The UI is cleaner, cleaner and more informative than previous versions. The split screen feature has been refined and refined. To clarify, the new Coolwack UI is inspired by the Apple CarPlay dashboard.

The new Coolwalk UI offers the following features::

  • The most useful Google maps are bigger, more accessible for drivers, and less eye strain.
  • The media cards available in the dashboard have been completely redesigned to grow and shrink based on usage. With just one swipe, access music, other apps and more recommended by the Google Assistant.
  • In addition to the rail or bar, there’s a new app dock that lets you easily switch between recently used apps with a single tap.
  • More options for layouts on large screens.
  • Material You elements and layouts are now available in the new Coolwalk UI in the Android Auto app.

Does your device support the Android Auto application?

To run Android Auto on your device, you need a valid data connection and a smartphone running Android 6.0 or later. Over 400 car models currently support Android Auto. Check your owner’s manual or contact your vehicle manufacturer to see if your vehicle’s display is compatible and how to enable it. Once enabled, connect your smartphone to your vehicle using a high quality USB cable to use Android Auto.

Note that if you are using the new UI (Coolwalk UI) for the Android Auto app, your device must have Android 8.0 or a higher version installed. All remaining steps remain the same.

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