Android Auto is giving Google Maps users some GPS-fueled headaches, but there are several workarounds

Affected users have found many solutions

Source: Google

Android Auto is a significant improvement over the standard infotainment systems typically offered by car manufacturers. It offers something related to dashboards from your smartphone and offers a rich selection of apps. But when something goes wrong, you may need to take your eyes off the road to fix it. Unfortunately, many Android Auto users are currently experiencing GPS disconnection issues.


Last week, car users noticed that the message “Searching for GPS” randomly popped up on their screens while driving. Complaints on the Android Auto subreddit and support forums (via 9to5Google) usually point to Google Maps location permissions being[アプリの使用中のみ許可]is set to , and the GPS indicator can also be a block away from the device. actual location. However, Maps works perfectly when used on the phone, so there seems to be an issue with how Android Auto is getting location data.

However, those affected have found a few fixes that could save the day. please start This ensures that your app is not killed after it becomes a background process when the screen is turned off.Another option is to go to Settings -> Location -> App location permissions and select[Google マップ]to select[常に許可]Choose. If you find that opening the map fixes the “finding GPS” issue, this may be the solution.

Since the issue seems to be limited to the combination of Android Auto and Google Maps, I suggest you try Waze, another navigation app from Google. The interface is slightly different, but users report that it works just fine with Android Auto. Plus, it shares many common features with Maps, making it feel right at home. The problem is still fairly recent. Hope it gets fixed soon.

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