Android Auto Exits The Garage With A Total Overhaul, Everything You Need To Know

Google has been testing a major redesign of Android Auto over the past few months and has finalized it today. The new interface makes better use of the space on your car’s display and gives you better control over media playback. Google Assistant also plays a central role in providing contextual suggestions while driving.

Android Auto is integrated into almost all modern Android smartphones. Simply connect your smartphone to a car that supports Android Auto and you’re ready to go. Next time you do this, you may be using an updated version of Android Auto integrated with Google Play Services. Then you’ll know right away. This update adds split-screen functionality, even on smaller displays, and adjusts the map to be closer to the driver. A second app, such as a music player or dialer, sits on the other side.

The Assistant can also be shoved in there, creating a three-way split with (reportedly) helpful suggested actions. For example, you can notify you of missed calls, share your navigation estimated time of arrival, and quickly reply to messages. According to Google, the most requested feature is also included in this update. Seekable progress bars for music and podcasts. A major source of distraction while driving, Google has tried to keep media management simple in his Android Auto. Adding a real progress bar can be a distraction, but users want what they want and Google provides it.

Android Auto has another big addition, but it’s limited to Samsung and Pixel phones (Pixel 7/7 Pro reviewed). According to Google, owners of these phones can now make calls with Android Auto via WhatsApp rather than using the standard phone app and dialer.

This is all about phone-based Android Auto, the most popular way to use Android in cars. However, there are some cars with Google built-in (sometimes called Android Automotive). These cars like the Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3 have some special perks. Renault’s Android cars have his Waze app built-in, and HD maps are on Volvo and Polestar. These maps contain accurate road details such as signs, lane markers, and road barriers for integration with autonomous vehicle technology.

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