Android 14 will make devices stay connected to web even as they age

San Francisco, December 27 (IAS): Tech giant Google is reportedly working on new features for Android 14. This will allow your Android device to stay connected to the internet even after it is very old.

According to SamMobile, root certificates on Android devices can currently only be updated via system update, allowing devices to update their root certificates or digital certificates belonging to issuing authorities on the fly.

This new feature will allow users to update their device’s root certificate through Google Play Services.

According to reports, this feature ensures that Android devices remain connected to the internet even as they age and no longer receive system updates from the device manufacturer.

When a user uses an Android device to visit a website, the webpage uses the root certificate to establish a secure connection with the device.

These root certificates have an expiration date, and when they expire, the website will not be able to establish a secure connection with your Android smartphone or tablet and the website will not open on the device.

On Android devices, root certificates can only be updated through system updates from the device manufacturer.

As a result, as your device ages, it may not receive system updates. In that case, the root certificate on that device could expire, rendering websites unloadable, the report said.

Meanwhile, with the Android 13 quarterly platform release (QPR1) beta starting next month, Google could start rolling out Android 14 beta for Pixel devices in April 2023.

Google originally said the Android 13 QPR beta would run until June 2023.

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