Android 14 Could Solve the headache we’ve had with sharing items

Android 14 will begin early testing soon. Everyone is wondering what to expect in the next big update. According to Esper, Android 14 could bring a much-needed overhaul to the share menu. This alleviates a problem that Android users have had to deal with for some time.

When sharing items using Android, you may need to find the app to share with. This is due to Android’s share menu being rather inconsistent. The available app placements depend on the sharing app. Also, the share menu itself may vary depending on the specific Android skin.

However, Android 14 could bring a facelift to the share menu

This news comes from Mishaal Rahman (via XDA Developers) and it may point to some good news on the Android 14 front. However, this is very early news about future versions of Android. You’ll want to take it with a grain of salt.

According to sources, Google may move the share menu or “Sharesheet” to the Project Mainline module. This means that Google can work on this component and push updates without relying on OEM input. The company manages the functions.

The problem is that OEMs typically want to control as much of the experience as possible. So using a Pixel phone will give you a different sharing experience than using a Galaxy phone. However, once Google gains full control over the share menu, it could be more consistent across different OEMs.

At the moment this is very early. I don’t know if Google has already added his Sharesheet or if it’s still in the planning stages. As such, there are no visuals for this feature yet. Google says he may start releasing a developer preview of Android 14 within a month, but we still don’t know if we’ll see the new share menu, so stay tuned for more .

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