Android 13 QPR2 Beta 3 shows that Pixel custom lock screen shortcuts are closer to reality

google yesterday released Android 13 QPR2 Beta 3. This not only addressed some bug fixes and stability improvements, but also added hidden features planned as part of the feature removal in March. One of these features, as we’ve seen, is Improved wallpaper selection. But there are other much-requested customization features, including Pixel lock screen shortcuts.

There were earlier hints that Google was working on options to change the two lock screen shortcuts since the release of Android 13’s second quarterly update. The feature is still in development for Pixel phones, but is already fully functional on his Android 13 beta on Nothing Phone (1). This is surprising considering his Pixel phone in the beta program is supposed to be the first to see these updates.
However, as documented by Mishaal Rahman (via As Android Police posted in a Twitter thread as part of a deep dive into the code, it looks like Pixel phone users won’t have to wait too long for this feature to roll out.

With Pixels, two lock screen shortcuts and the option to choose a custom clock are now part of the Wallpaper & Style app, giving it a slightly cleaner look. Mishaal Rahman’s test gave him four options as lock screen shortcuts: Flashlight, Do Not Disturb, Device His Control, and Camera. This is pretty much what Nothing Phone (1) has now with the addition of DND mode.

Nothing Phone (1) Beta lock screen shortcut option

Another finding made regarding the way lock screen shortcuts are triggered is that you have to tap and hold the button to initiate the action, rather than a simple tap. It’s now more consistent with the behavior on iOS. On iOS, a long press on the button activates as well. This was probably changed to prevent accidental touches, especially regarding the camera and flashlight, which can quickly drain your phone’s battery.

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