Android 13 is running on only 5.2% of Android phones

Android developers have access to a tool called Android Studio. This tool provides great stats to help point you in the right direction. Beyond that, though, we also see other stats, including one that proves Android 13 is installed on only 5.2% of his phones. pain?

This came courtesy of 9to5Google reported that Android Studio has received its first update for 2023. Prior to that, the last data update was he last August, just before the release of Android 13 itself. This means that 5.2% of these are in the last 5 months.

Okay, but is 5.2% that low or just a shock value? Well, you’re the judge. For example, Android 12 is installed on 18.9% of phones, but still less than 20%. Even after Android 13 is released, it sounds a lot smaller than it should be.

Keep in mind that Android 13 is still rolling out, with constant updates coming from major brands such as: samsung or Sony. They are working hard to make the latest OS version available for all compatible smartphones as soon as possible.keyword compatibility.

There is a flip side to this as well. From the data, for example, phones with Android Oreo (Android 8, for reference) dropped below 10%. This is very good. Speaking of obsolescence, Jelly Bean (ver. 4.1) is no longer listed, but there are still 0.7% of phones running KitKat (4.4), which isn’t too far off. Those people are really making the most of their purchases, that’s for sure.

For the record, it’s from the time of The Samsung Galaxy S3, which was still marketed as SIII. yes, that A long time ago.

Just in case you are wondering how this data is collected. Based on “Android devices that accessed the Google Play Store over the course of a week,” according to the source.So it might almost confirm that there is at least one There will be a Galaxy S3 that can open the Play Store in 2023. #TheMoreYouKnow

That’s fine, but let’s put all the jokes aside. The Android 13 rollout has been years in the making, and it’s time to ramp up the numbers. It’s always a good idea to stay up to date, not only for safety, but also for great new features.

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