Android 13 is being pushed out to Windows Insiders

Windows Insiders are getting a taste of Android 13 today as Microsoft began pushing the latest software updates to the Windows Subsystem for Android builds of Windows 11. When Windows 11 was first announced, Microsoft confirmed that it would eventually have native support for Android apps.

This feature wasn’t immediately present in Windows 11, but came later. This feature comes in the form of the Windows Subsystem for Android. This will allow you to visit Amazon’s App Store to download and install the app directly on your PC. However, until today, Windows Insiders were using Android 12-based builds, so an update to Android 13 would come as a pleasant surprise.

There are not many changes to the software in this update. And you’re still limited to the Amazon App Store.

All Windows Insiders have access to Android 13

First and foremost, perhaps the biggest change in this update is that it’s now accessible to all Windows Insiders. As noted by XDA, the user previously had to be a member of the WSA preview program. For those who did, late last year he was given the opportunity to begin testing Android 13 in beta.

Today’s release does not require you to be a member of the preview program. However, you must be a Windows Insider. One of the reasons this is important is the fact that this is not a global release. Because the Insider program is not yet available everywhere in the world. But that doesn’t make them any less important.

For starters, Microsoft says this latest release will improve launch performance, mouse click input, clipboard stability, and application resizing. That last one should be a noticeable change. You may want to resize app windows more often than you think.

Additionally, we’ve improved the reliability of opening media files on Windows and added jumplist entries for apps that support shortcuts. If you’re a Windows 11 user and you’re part of the Insider Program, you should be able to install this update.

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