An Open Source Heroes Of Might And Magic 2 Android Version Is The Festive Gift We All Needed

A kind Android and PC developer has released an open source Android port of the old classic Heroes of Might and Magic 2: The Succession Wars. The APK is now freely available on GitHub. No conditions attached. It goes by the name of the fheroes2 project.

new life for old classics

This project is an open source multi-platform rebuild of the game from scratch. The team didn’t just port the game. They’ve worked hard to create an improved version that offers an even better experience than the original.

We’ve updated the graphics, improved the AI, tweaked the UI to make it easier to handle, and made various fixes and tweaks.

It’s the culmination of three years of work by several dedicated developers, and it’s great to see such a passionate project come to fruition. His Android port of Heroes Of Might And Magic 2 is clearly made for the love of the original.

good old days

Heroes of Might and Magic 2: The Succession Wars came out in 1996 and was voted the 6th best PC game of all time by PC Gamer in the late 90’s. During its early peak he appeared in the 4X genre and left his mark on gaming history.

It tells the story of a medieval conspiracy between two princes competing for the throne. You can play as the morally questionable Prince Archibald, or his banished brother Prince Roland.

how does that work?

Principals are very simple. Players must gather resources, build an army, and take on the other side.

However, not all swords and shields. The same is true for the possibility of hiring wizards and necromancers to help. Nothing intimidates enemy soldiers like a horde of skeletons attacking a castle.

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