Amazon to shut down its encrypted messaging app Wickr Me

Amazon is shutting down encrypted messaging app Wickr Me. The company has already stopped accepting new users and will completely shut down the service at the end of this year. In an official announcement, Wickr said it plans to focus resources on encrypted communication solutions for enterprise users.

Amazon shuts down just a few years after buying Wickr Me

Wickr Me is a popular name in the encrypted messaging space. Founded in 2012, Amazon acquired the company in June 2021. The retail giant said it plans to incorporate Wickr’s messaging service into his IT department’s Amazon Web Services (AWS). Wickr already had an encrypted messaging product for individual customers and businesses, so AWS customers can now take advantage of the service. The latter offers remote work solutions and other cloud services that support text, voice, and video communication, file sharing, and more. Wickr helped Amazon make these communications more secure.

Despite this AWS integration, Wickr continued to offer consumer messaging app Wickr Me. But that is changing now. The company is unplugging Wickr Me, saying it wants to focus on “protecting the data and communications of its business and public sector customers” with AWS Wickr and Wickr Enterprise products. These products are for enterprise users. For businesses that use Wickr Me to communicate with individual users outside their corporate network, Wickr says he will enable this within his AWS Wickr.

On the other hand, if you use Wickr Me to communicate with friends and family, it’s time to look for alternatives. You can check these best encrypted messaging apps for Android. Wickr Me will stop accepting new users on December 31, 2022 and will be discontinued on December 31, 2023. The company says it will provide more information on data protection in the coming months.

Wickr Me was recently surrounded by controversy

Wickr Me shuts down amid growing controversy and lawsuits. Last June, NBC News reported that the ultra-secure messaging app had been implicated in 72 cases involving child sexual abuse or child pornography over the past five years in the US, UK and Australia. Additionally, the platform allows users to sign up without any potentially personally identifiable information such as a phone number, thus allowing drug dealers, terrorists, hackers, other criminals, and other criminals to focus on security. Popular with journalists. There have been reports of terrorist organizations using Wickr Me as a recruitment tool.

Wickr’s contracts with government agencies such as Customs and Border Protection and military groups have also come under scrutiny since Amazon acquired the company. did not touch this. It simply says it’s a move to focus on end-to-end encrypted enterprise communications.

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