Amazon starts layoffs in India: Company to hand pink slips to over 1,000 employees

More than 1,000 workers in India are expected to receive pink slips as Amazon begins its second round of layoffs. Toi report. Job cuts are likely to occur in various departments, such as technology and human resources, and are likely to be handed pink slips.

In a blog post last week, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said more than 18,000 employees worldwide were affected by layoffs and the company will begin the contact process on January 18.

Jassy pointed out that over-hiring during the pandemic has led to this situation and thousands of employees have had to be laid off. In her official blog post, Amazon’s CEO said, “This year’s review has been more difficult given the uncertain economy and rapid adoption over the past few years.

“We plan to retire over 18,000 roles. Several teams will be impacted, but the majority of role deprecations will be in Amazon stores and PXT organizations,” Jassy wrote.

However, affected employees will be provided with severance pay, health insurance, and other support that affected employees need. “We are working to support those affected and are offering packages that include separation benefits, temporary health insurance benefits, and outside employment support,” he added.

Layoffs start in November 2022

The company has adamantly said it will begin a layoff process in November 2022, with about 10,000 job cuts, including in retail and human resources.

In a letter to Amazon employees, Andy Jassy, ​​who took over as the company’s CEO in 2021, said in a letter to Amazon employees: will be shared.

He added that the company is in the midst of its annual operating plan review and is making decisions about what changes should be made in each business.

After the initial layoffs, many of those laid off took to social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to share their plight and say they were open to new opportunities.

Job cuts have hit multiple departments operating in India across offices in Bengaluru, Gurugram and elsewhere, according to a report by India Today. Losing teams are most affected. Among the laid off employees are both new hires and experienced employees.

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