Amazon Refutes Claims It Made Job Interviews Easier During Pre-Layoff Hiring Spree

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Amazon It reportedly discontinued the Bar Raiser program during the hiring process, leading to a hiring process that prioritized quantity over quality.

According to Amazon’s website, the Bar Raiser program includes third-party individuals to oversee the interview process and determine a candidate’s strengths and opportunities that interviewers may miss.

According to the company, the Bar Raising program is primarily involved in the hiring process within Amazon and is created on a volunteer basis by employees so they can contribute directly to the hiring process.

However, the employee spoke on condition of anonymity, business insider The company began discontinuing the bar riser program in January of last year.

The source said the removal of the program was by an entry-level software engineer interviewed right out of college and was due in part to Amazon’s rapid expansion, which has nearly doubled since 2019. He told the outlet that it was the cause of his dismissal.

CEO Andy Jassy commented: Amazon layoffs so Press releasesaid the rapid influx of employees contributed significantly to the largest layoffs in the company’s history. Reviews have been more difficult.” Jassy added that he expects more “role reductions” in the first quarter of this year.

In a release, Jassy said additional layoffs will take place on January 18, bringing the company’s total job cuts to about 18,000 employees. He revealed that the company intended to notify employees before sharing the information, but did so early “because one of my teammates leaked this information to the outside world.” said it was important to share it early so that it would come directly from him.

Sources say Amazon has not been able to grow its Bar Raising program at the same pace as the number of people hired, and that it is “burdened to meet the interview load for the position.” Insider reports.

In a statement emailed to Gizmodo, Amazon spokesperson August Aldebot-Green said:

Aldebot-Green was unable to provide an update on the number of bar raisers Amazon currently employs or the number of interviews conducted by the bar raiser program last year.

However, he said, “Bar Raisers continue to be an important part of our culture and recruitment process, and we are grateful to the many Amazonians who participate in the program.”

The company clarified that the Bar Raising program has not hampered the hiring process, denied accusations that Amazon’s hiring process had been hit, and said the Bar Raising program is alive and well.

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