Amazon Layoffs: Amazon job cuts hit staffers in grocery, robotics, payments, AWS divisions

Amazon last month announced layoffs of about 18,000 employees. Those who lost their jobs were employees from various divisions of the company, including AWS, healthcare, payments, real estate and delivery operations, media reported.

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According to CNBC, after the layoff announcement, one employee created a spreadsheet to encourage affected employees to submit information for use by recruiters.

At least 2,300 workers have been laid off in Amazon’s home state of Washington, according to Workers Adjustment and Retraining Notice (WARN) filings.

Additionally, according to filings, including engineering and recruiting departments, more than 500 cases occurred in California, and about 300 in New York.

Grocery stores and brick-and-mortar stores have laid off program managers, store designers, supply chain managers, software engineers, and more.

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At Amazon Robotics, hardware development engineers, mechatronics engineers, network engineers, applied science managers and technical product managers were part of the job cuts, the report said. Their jobs included the titles of Software Development Engineer, Senior Program Manager, Account Representative, Cloud Architect, and Quality Assurance Engineer.

In addition, layoffs have also taken place in the company’s payments division, which oversees divisions such as online payment service Amazon Pay.

Among those laid off were engineers, product managers, and employees working on the company’s Venmo checkout integration.

The report goes on to say that the cuts also include employees working on Amazon’s various healthcare products.

As part of a workforce reduction, Amazon Pharmacy, an online pharmacy that launched in 2020, lost its program manager, risk compliance manager, and claims manager.

Employees working on digital health tools and Halo health and fitness trackers were also laid off.

Amazon’s drone delivery division has seen widespread layoffs, with employees laid off in Washington, Oregon, Texas and California.

Employees in the design, maintenance, systems engineering, flight testing and flight operations departments have also been laid off, according to people familiar with the matter.

Other divisions that saw job cuts were Marketplaces, Retail, Real Estate, Operations and Zappos (an online shoe retailer).

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