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A week after Amazon announced 18,000 layoffs, CEO Andy Jassy took to LinkedIn on Friday to tout how AWS innovations are helping Amazon and its customers.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy took to social media on Friday to tout innovations coming out of Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud computing business.

Sources told CRN this week that AWS, Amazon’s wildly popular $80 billion cloud computing company, will not be affected by Amazon’s layoff round of more than 18,000 employees this month. rice field.

Jassy served as CEO of AWS for many years before succeeding former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in 2021.

On LinkedIn, Jassy promoted Amazon Monitoron, AWS’s machine learning-based monitoring service, and the AWS Cloud. The AWS Cloud helps sort packages at Amazon’s massive fulfillment centers and deliver them to millions of customers on time.

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Jassy said she recently visited one of Amazon’s sort centers where customer packages go before they are shipped. At the center, Amazon Monnitron and her AWS help track countless packages as they travel miles on conveyor belts. Amazon Monitoron detects potential problems with Amazon’s fulfillment and machinery before costly errors occur.

Jassy, ​​CEO of AWS from 2003 to 2003, said: 2021 years.

“Amazon Monitron alerted our team that one of our induction belts (essential for sorting and moving packages) could soon fail. We were able to safely plan the time to run, save hours of downtime, and ensure on-time deliveries to our customers,” said Amazon’s CEO.

After successful internal use, AWS built Amazon Monitoron as a turnkey service for other companies. End-to-end systems use machine learning to detect abnormal conditions in industrial equipment and enable predictive maintenance.

According to Jassy, ​​Amazon Monitoron has reduced unplanned downtime by 70% at Amazon sites where it is used and is gaining acceptance from industrial customers.

AWS Amazon Top Priority

Last week, Amazon announced it would lay off 18,000 of its more than 1.5 million employees.

In a letter to employees, Jassy said the majority of the layoffs will occur at Amazon Stores and PXT (People, Experience and Technology) organizations in the coming weeks.

Sources told CRN that AWS employees won’t be significantly affected by the job cuts at Amazon.

AWS is the market leader in cloud computing, with an annual execution rate of over $80 billion today.

During Amazon’s recent quarterly earnings call, Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky said AWS is Amazon’s top priority and that it will continue to invest heavily.

“We continue to ramp up our investment in AWS, adding product builders, sales and professional services personnel to help our customers save money, invest faster in their businesses, and move to the cloud,” Olsavsky said in November. make it possible.

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