Alternative Microfabrication 3D Printers : B9Creations

South Dakota-based resin 3D printer manufacturer B9Creations has announced the launch of the B9 Elite Micro 3D printer with microfabrication capabilities.

This product can be used in both industrial and medical fields. B9Creations has given this 3D printer enhanced capabilities to manufacture medical products without relying on traditional manufacturing. As for the industrial sector, this 3D printer could be a component that speeds up the manufacturing process with precise, non-repeatable details.

The B9 Elite Micro 3D printer can print in 15 minutes with factory start-up support that requires no calibration at all. The B9 Elite Micro 3D printer’s system is a quarter the price of his high-end 3D printers and can create microscopic holes and think parts to size features. Advanced print preparation, control and monitoring software is also available for 3D printer systems. In addition, there is an automated disinfection and post-curing treatment unit. Consumers can choose to use resin from B9Creations or custom-made, and 3D printers are currently available to him for $32,024 per unit.

Image Credit: B9Creations

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