All-In-One DJ Systems : DJ System

Pioneer DJ has launched their latest all-in-one DJ system called OPUS-QUAD, featuring standalone 4-deck playback. Standalone 4-deck playback allows DJ systems to play 4 tracks simultaneously on 4 different decks. Additionally, the DJ system is stylishly designed with a slanted deck plate that incorporates 8 hot cues and a customizable full-size jog wheel.

A standout feature of this DJ system is the Beat FX control, which allows users to personalize or change effects from the XY pads. There is also Smooth Echo, which allows users to add echo sound effects to their tracks. In addition, the DJ system is plug-and-play compatible with rekordbox’s performance mode and Serato DJ Pro2, which is scheduled to be released this summer. Additionally, the DJ system has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth pairing with 4 USB ports. A DJ system is available for purchase.

Image Credit: Pioneer DJ

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