Air-Ground Amphibious Quadruped Robots : Air-Ground Amphibious Quadruped Robots

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed an aerial amphibious quadrupedal robot called SPIDAR. SPIDAR is an acronym for a spherically vectorizable distributed rotor-assisted airborne amphibious quadrupedal robot. The purpose of this robot is to strengthen and emerge the field of robotics regarding robots with multimodal locomotion capabilities.

SPIDAR has a lot of features as of the current version and basically allows you to navigate different types of terrain. Each rim of the SPIDAR also has unique capabilities, as it is fitted with dual spherically steerable thrusters that can move in any direction in the air. In addition, SPIDAR has the ability to transition from stationary walking to flight. Currently, SPIDAR is still a prototype version, but future processes and improvements that this robot can take further are still very achievable.

Image credit: University of Tokyo

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