Air-Controlling VR Masks : airres mask

A team of researchers at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria, has created a mouth-covering mask “ AirRes Mask ” for the virtual reality world. AirRes masks are multifunctional. It covers the wearer’s mouth, effectively muting it to the physical world around it, while also allowing the insertion of a microphone for voice capture in the virtual world.

However, the AirRes Mask’s second feature and main innovation is its air control system. The AirRes Mask uses respiratory resistance as an output modality, enabling complex analysis and control of respiration. This means the tools can be used to simulate the real-life experience of playing a wind instrument in VR, while also stimulating scenes in games where characters can’t breathe properly. It’s important to note that the device has a “kill switch” that allows the user to breathe normally when needed.

Image Credit: Markus Tatzgern

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