After Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, Google layoff over 12,000 employees in 2023

The global recession no longer knows the door, it’s already inside the house. A flurry of layoff announcements and reports by tech giants is starting to cause panic among employees and job seekers. After Amazon, Microsoft and Meta, the time has come for Google’s parent company, Alphabet, to cut its global workforce.

The company announced on January 20 that the layoffs will affect up to 12,000 employees, or 6% of its global workforce. The internet giant has approximately 200,000 employees worldwide.

Taking full responsibility for the decision, CEO Sundar Pichai expressed regret for making such a difficult decision. However, he assured that all support would be provided to affected employees regarding finding their next opportunity.

However, Google (Alphabet)’s job cuts don’t just affect one particular retirement. Employees in recruiting, corporate functions, engineering, and product teams are affected by this decision.

However, like other tech giants, Pichai is also providing a number of benefits and support to affected employees to minimize the impact. In addition to her 16 weeks salary for his two weeks spent at Google each year, she will also be entitled to a bonus for 2022 and six months of his medical benefits. In addition, they are provided with job placement services and immigration assistance from employers.

The announcement comes after Reuters recently reported that Google was gearing up for the launch of a new performance management system and was deferring some year-end bonuses for a significant proportion of its employees. .

Eligible employees receive 80% of their bonus upfront, with the rest paid out in the following month.

Microsoft just recently announced layoffs of 10,000 employees. Amazon and Meta have already started the layoff process. Apple has so far not decided to announce layoffs.

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