Adventure Puzzle Game Prequels : bayonetta origins

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon is the upcoming sequel to the Bayonetta trilogy of action role-playing games. Bayonetta Origins takes a different approach to gameplay, art style, and story, with slower exploration and puzzle-based gameplay instead of the high-octane combat and over-the-top visuals typically found in his trilogy. Emphasis on Additionally, the game features chibi-like artistic visuals with an emphasis on environmental design and uniquely drawn character models, as opposed to the animated photorealism associated with the franchise.

Bayonetta Origins is developed by Platinum Games. So it’s being developed by the same studio that worked on the Bayonetta trilogy. This means that even though the game is a spin-off, it stays true to Bayonetta’s overall vision and ideas.

Platinum Games and Nintendo have launched a demo of the game that allows players to enjoy the game’s first two chapters in advance.

Image Credit: Platinum Games

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