Accord BioPharma Announces AccordConnects Inventory Management System for Hospitals and Healthcare Practices

Durham, North Carolina, January 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Accord BioPharma, the U.S. specialty division of Intas Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., which focuses on the development of oncology, immunology and critical care therapies, today launched a mobile app and web-based inventory management capability. announced the launch of AccordConnects. This helps medical institutions track their inventory of Accord BioPharma therapies. The software was released in his March of this year, app store and Google Play, and usually comes with a hardware device with a camera that acts only as a scanning device.

With AccordConnects, hospitals and healthcare organizations can register incoming Accord BioPharma products in a secure online database, create a link between Accord BioPharma product inventory and the organization’s electronic medical record system, and view alerts. Enable and sustain optimal product lifecycle decisions. A record of when inventory was distributed. Now, in addition to the mobile version, it also works in conjunction with a website created by Accord BioPharma that offers most of the same functionality.

“Some clinics do not allow providers to download third-party applications on clinic-owned devices, while others allow providers to use personal mobile devices during shifts. We are not allowing this,” explains Nuvan Dassanaike, SVP Digital and Marketing Strategy & Operations, Accord BioPharma. “Additionally, we found that some HCPs preferred to run AccordConnects’ reporting functionality from their computer, while others preferred the convenience of the mobile app. For these reasons, we found that the intuitive and user-friendly We worked hard to make the most convenient inventory management system available anywhere.”

The web version of AccordConnects automatically syncs with the mobile version, allowing providers to safely switch devices as needed. There are currently three different ways for providers to access the inventory management system: via a personal device, the AccordConnects website, or an Accord-owned hardware device preloaded with functionality.

“By harnessing the power of democratized technology, we are enabling HCPs to track inventory in any setting on the devices they already use every day,” said Dassanaike. “This is just the latest example of our mission to go beyond biology to improve the holistic experience at each touchpoint. to be tracked and managed via our AccordConnects.”

About Accord BioPharma

Accord BioPharma, the U.S. specialty division of Intas Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., aims to provide affordable, accessible and patient-centered therapies in oncology, immunology and critical care. With a focus on improving the experience, Accord BioPharma goes beyond the biology of medicine to look at disease from the patient’s perspective and develop high-quality treatments that impact patients’ lives. Dedicated to specialty care and treatment, the founders of Accord BioPharma have invested their time, passion and resources into actively developing better ways of working and delivering enhanced therapies. For more information, please visit

Nuvan Dassanaike
Senior Vice President Digital and Marketing Strategy & Operations
Cell: (412) 553-9955

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