A Web hosting Company, Digital Vocano to Launch A new Way to Earn from likes and followers

Digital Vocano – Zimbabwean web hosting and digital marketing company has announced the launch of the first web application that allows content creators to earn from their likes and followers.

Harare, Zimbabwe February 3, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – It’s a great opportunity to get followers and likes by spending a lot of time on social media and earn from likes and followers. Gone are the days when people were making fun of us with questions like, “Do you eat your likes and followers?” digital boccano The team is working on a breakthrough opportunity to commoditize likes and followers.

digital boccano Content creator web apps are another opportunity to earn money from likes and followers. The platform has two types of users. Content Creator Portal and Advertiser Portal.

Content creators link social accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tik Tok. Advertisers place ads on content creator profiles. Ads appear as time-limited posts, stories, and reels on content creators’ pages or profiles.

of Digital Bocano Founder Clifford Plays Speaking at the mentioned Huawei Tech Convention Summit digital boccano Content creators as a Cloud Likes distribution channel.

He went on to share that the app is a social media optimization panel (SMO) as well as the previously launched Digital Vocano Search Engine Panel (SEO).

in 2019 Digital Bocano Theopanel It helps your business rank higher on the internet and get more visitors to your website. This is a social media optimization (SMO) panel to increase the followers of your social media profile.say

of digital boccano Content creators are hosted with Huawei on Huawei Cloud Server. A Digital Vocano Server manager said he chose to host the app on Huawei rather than a server because he had the opportunity to test Huawei products at the Huawei Silicon Cape in South Africa in December 2023.

The Digital Vocano team has committed to releasing the application by December 2023, as it is currently in beta mode. We are also working on distribution policies in certain countries.

“Follow us on Facebook and twitter Get the latest updates on the Digital vocano Content Creators Panel. It has many great features that allow you to work closely with content creators, business owners, SEO consultants, and government agencies. ”Jein Sibanda, social media model Said on Digital Vocano.

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