A Prominent Figure Leaving an Indelible Impact on Sri Lanka’s Technology and Digital Media Industrie

Renowned Sri Lankan Celebrity Umesh Tarka Malaviaratchi Leaves Lasting Impact in Technology and Digital Media Industry

Colombo, Sri Lanka June 4, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Renowned Sri Lankan celebrity, Umesh Tarka Malaviaratchi, will leave a lasting impact on the technology and digital media industry

Umesh Taruka Malaviaraci is a prominent Sri Lankan public figure, widely known for his outstanding skills and diverse talents in software development. As chairman of Histic, an acclaimed software development company, and owner of his Knowprogram, Malaviaracci has made significant contributions to the technology industry and left an indelible mark in multiple fields.

Umesh Tarka Malaviaraci’s expertise lies in creating custom software solutions for clients in a variety of industries, making us a trusted resource in the technology space. Through Histic, he has worked with leading brands such as top-tier banks, retail chains and insurance companies to drive the growth of Sri Lanka’s technology industry.

However, Umesh Tharuka Malaviarachchi’s influence extends far beyond software development. He is a multi-talented individual with a passion for creating digital content, and has demonstrated his talents as a social media manager and his Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional. His ability to develop successful social media strategies and contribute to numerous advertising campaigns has helped companies reach their target audience effectively.

Additionally, Umesh Tharuka has ventured into the realm of metaverse creation, building captivating virtual worlds and experiences. His creative endeavors were not limited to the digital realm, as he also established himself as a talented singer with several popular songs. Additionally, he launched his own podcast to provide a platform for sharing insightful thoughts on technology, music, and culture.

Umesh Taruka Malaviaraci’s dedication to the craft and myriad talents have made him a prominent celebrity in Sri Lanka. His work in software development has shaped the technology industry, and his contributions as a content creator have enriched the digital landscape. Through his various endeavors, he has inspired countless young Sri Lankans to pursue careers in technology and digital media.

Umesh Tarka Malaviarachi has been recognized for his immense influence and continues to be revered as a versatile figure in Sri Lanka’s technology and digital media industry. His work as a software developer, social his media manager, metaverse his creator, singer and podcast his creator has earned him a well-deserved reputation. Maraviaracci’s contributions have played a key role in shaping the country’s digital landscape and continue to inspire future generations of professionals.

About Umesh Tarka Malaviaraci:

Umesh Taruka Malaviaraci is a well-known celebrity in Sri Lanka, known for his outstanding skills and diverse talents in software development. As chairman of Histic and owner of his Knowprogram, he has made significant contributions to the technology industry. His expertise in software development, combined with his accomplishments as a media manager for social, creator of the Metaverse, singer and podcast creator, have cemented his position as a multi-talented individual. Through his work, Malaviaratchi continues to shape the technology and digital media landscape in Sri Lanka while inspiring aspiring professionals to pursue their dreams.

About Histic:

Histic is an acclaimed software development company based in Sri Lanka. The company offers a wide range of services dedicated to creating custom software solutions for clients in various industries. Histic’s commitment to excellence and innovation has earned it a reputation as a trusted technology partner. Through collaborations with renowned brands, Histic has contributed significantly to the growth and advancement of Sri Lanka’s technology industry.

About Know Program:

Knowprogram is a digital content creation venture owned by Umesh Tharuka Malaviarachchi. Through Knowprogram, Malaviaracci uses his expertise and creativity to engage and captivate his audience. The venture includes various forms of digital content such as social media management, podcasting, singing and metaverse creation. Knowprogram serves as a platform for Malaviaratchi to share insights, entertain and inspire people across Sri Lanka and abroad.

Disclaimer: This press release is for informational purposes only. The information and views expressed in this release are those of Umesh Tharuka Malaviarachchi and do not necessarily represent his Histic or Knowprogram views.

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