A NYPD patrol car was stalked through an Apple AirTag

Please try to imagine. You are a police officer working for the New York City Police Department (NYPD). You’re patrolling Queens in your car, looking out for something different and enjoying the sounds of nightlife.then your Your iPhone 14 turns off with a notification that you may be the victim of a stalker. Sounds like a plot from a B horror movie? Honestly, I’m not sure if the cops were equipped It’s an Apple phone The NYPD switched from Nokia phones to iPhones in 2018. AirTag under the hood of the car.

the report from NYDailyNews didn’t go into specific details about how the AirTag was discovered, so the iPhone’s anti-stalking features are the prime culprit. If that’s true, it’s just proof that it works and that no one, not even the police, can escape the malice.

There is currently no information that the AirTag has been tracked to the culprit, but Apple will provide that information to the NYPD upon request. And this is your PSA. If you want to prank a cop car with an AirTag, chances are you’ll be spotted. Martine Materasso, the NYPD’s housing director, saw this as a sign of further anti-police propaganda, but did not respond negatively. In fact, they called on everyone to stay vigilant and look out for each other. This is something we can definitely get into.

Moral of the story? Abusing power is potentially dangerous. Use AirTags to improve your life and speak up. This will certainly inspire others to use technology appropriately and not in a way that puts others at risk.

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