A mini-guide on how to clear WhatsApp storage on Android devices

WhatsApp, an instant messaging platform, has become the most popular greeting medium in India. Periodic good morning messages tend to overwhelm storage. Manually deleting unwanted media that you receive in bulk on a regular basis can be a tedious task. In particular, WhatsApp provides a storage tool that allows users to identify chats that require a large amount of storage, and additionally helps sort files by size.I want to know how to free up storage space on WhatsApp If so, check out this guide.

step 1. Open WhatsApp and[チャット]Go to tab.[その他のオプション]Click[設定]Go to.

Step two. Tap Storage & Data. next,[ストレージの管理]find the options.

STEP3. At the top, you will see messages that have been forwarded several times. Beneath that, you will find files “over 5MB”.

STEP4. Tap on the above section to get option to select them one by one and delete them or user can select them all and delete them.

STEP5. Further, select all deleted items and tap the delete icon that appears on the top right of the app.

STEP6. User can also remove media from chat using search option.

On the other hand, over the last few years, stickers have also become a popular choice for conveying greetings and wishes. If you want to send happy new year stickers to your loved ones and are looking for an easy guide, you’ve come to the right place. Here we explain how to send stickers on Instagram and WhatsApp. increase.

To send Happy New Year stickers, you first need to download them from the Google Play Store. To do so, visit the Play Store and download any sticker pack from there.

After downloading the Happy New Year sticker pack of your choice, open it and add it to WhatsApp.Users can find multiple sticker packs within the app, all with a[追加]I have a button. Tap the button to add these stickers to your WhatsApp app.

After adding these stickers to the app, users can send any sticker by simply going to WhatsApp, opening a chat window with any contact and selecting the sticker of their choice. Users can open the emoji section and go to the rightmost tab of stickers where all the new Happy New Year stickers are displayed.

Only Android smartphone users can send stickers this way. Apple iPhone users can ask their Android friends to send them stickers, mark them as favorites and share them with their friends.

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