A Marketplace fyndsupplier.com is launched to sever multi-billion dollar oil and gas chemical market

Online marketplace launched for oil and gas industry, enabling easy and cost-effective sourcing of chemicals

Aberdeen, Scotland, 1 February 2023 (Issuewire.com)Release of oil and gas chemical marketplace fyndsupplier.com

1 February 2023: Fyndsupplier.com is an online marketplace owned by Petroleumsoft Limited, a UK based company. Petroleumsoft Limited has his 16 years of experience in the oil and gas industry in the fields of chemical trading, technical solution development and technical consulting.

According to market research, the petroleum and gas chemicals market is expected to grow to a value of USD 1.56 billion by 2027. The hot market for oil and gas companies faces several challenges related to suitable suppliers, logistics, payment terms, and delivery.

Fyndsupplier.com launched today as the only oil and gas chemicals marketplace for the oil and gas industry. This is an online portal that connects chemical buyers and suppliers for easy and cost-effective sourcing.

The market for oil and gas chemicals is huge, with a large number serving oil and gas companies by supplying the necessary chemicals used in drilling, production, water treatment, cementing, and well stimulation operations. chemical manufacturers and distributors.

In this price-sensitive chemical market, small service companies continually seek new suppliers to meet material specifications and target prices. Finding new reliable suppliers who can meet the buyer’s material specifications and target price is key to the sourcing transaction. Material quality, payment, delivery, and everything else depends on the new supplier you find online through Google or an online marketplace.

Therefore, it is imperative that chemical buyers conduct thorough due diligence on the suppliers they find online. There are online marketplaces that offer general merchandise but are not focused on the oil and gas chemical market and do not guarantee that all suppliers on the portal are pre-verified.

Unlike many other existing marketplaces, fyndsupplier is community-based, not a product-based marketplace. Fyndsupplier was released with over 500 pre-verified suppliers worldwide to help oil companies source/buy cost-effective oil and gas chemicals. Our search supplier chemical manufacturers and suppliers are from major oil and gas producing countries like USA, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, India and China.

It helps oil companies, especially chemical services companies, to source from smaller manufacturers in local and global markets to reduce overall procurement costs, time and logistical complexity. Meanwhile, it helps chemical companies maximize sales and market reach.

Mr Rameshwar M Paswan, CEO of Petroleumsoft Limited said:

About Fine Supplier

Fyndsupplier is a brand of Aberdeen-based Petroleumsoft Limited, which has worked with major international oil and gas companies to provide technical consulting and technology development. For more information about the company, please visit www.fyndsupplier.com.



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