A Complete List of Layoffs by San Francisco Tech Companies


Layoffs at San Francisco companies continue to rise. As of 2023, his 18 companies based in the city have cut nearly 12,000 of his employees, raising further concerns about the future of the city’s innovation workforce.

8,000 of those jobs announced last week at SF’s biggest employer, Salesforce (752 at headquarters), followed by another wave of layoff announcements this week, with eight companies hiring another 2,300 starting Monday. announced the loss of

Rising interest rates and the resulting downturn in the residential real estate market have forced mortgage technology firm Blend to announce layoffs for the fourth time in the past year, and Lending Club to cut 225 employees.

Scale AI and cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will together cut nearly 1,000 employees. Startup software providers Lattice and Carta will also cut headcount as venture capital funding plummets.

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But not all job cuts have been made at tech giants. In the healthcare space, Carbon Health and Alphabet’s Verily are both cutting jobs. And Pacific Supermarkets, an Asian grocery store chain, has warned states that 59 employees will lose their jobs when Outer He Mission outlets close in March.

For the full list of SF companies that have laid off staff since January 2022, scan the list below.


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