68 mobile clinics for animals in Kalyana Karnataka | Hubballi News

Karabragi: Kariyana Karnataka There will soon be 68 mobile animal clinics in the area, where animals will be treated at their doorstep.
Speaking to TOI, Animal Husbandry Minister Prabhu Chavvan said the federal government has provided financial assistance to start mobile animal clinics under the Animal Health and Disease Control Plan.
A few years ago when BS Yeddyurappa was prime minister, mobile animal clinics were started with 18 vehicles assigned to specific districts. This was praised by the federal government, which refused to continue the plan through 68 more clinics. All te clinics work with his Kalyana Karnataka.
The federal government will provide financial assistance to purchase 275 mobile animal clinics. 68 of those vehicles work in his Kalyana Karnataka region and the rest in other parts of the state. Bengaluru Division will have 70 vehicles and Beragavi Division will have 82 mobile clinics.
Farmers can call the toll free 1962 or 8277100200 control room number. This will send your mobile her clinic to your farmer’s doorstep. All mobile clinics have a veterinarian and his assistant. Chavan thanked the Modi government for funding the mobile animal clinic.

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