5 essential apps to download to your new Android phone or tablet

Absolutely essential (Photo: Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

If you have a brand new Android device in your life, you’re going to need some apps, courtesy of the merry man himself (or a particularly generous family).

Gone are the days when Android couldn’t gather the same level of quality and choice as Apple’s iPhone App Store.

Choose from millions of apps in the Google Play Store. And while there’s a lot of chaff, Android has its fair share as well.

Here we have picked some of our favorite apps that you can try for Christmas.

Expect automatic downloads for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Maybe even TikTok.

But there are some great gems you probably haven’t heard of.

Turn your new Android smartphone or tablet into a Swiss Army knife with 21st century capabilities by downloading one, two, or all of the following apps.

Table Top Racing: World Tour

Table Top Racing: World Tour

Compete (Photo: Google Play Store)

Remember when you were a kid pushing toy cars on and between flat surfaces? Also, it’s likely that the parent or guardian was protesting when you let the car drift a bit. that too Almost like a tabletop ornament.

The fact that this childhood activity is super fun was picked up by a game developer 10 years ago and the result is an app called Table Top Racing.

It was quirky enough, but dragging and shallow. Table Top Racing World Tour is much better. Mario Kart has everything at his disposal, from his style of weaponry to the huge object trucks he has to screech to, everything is scaled up.

And the entire enterprise is free of in-app purchases.

£2.49, download here.



Tidy up for the New Year (Photo: Google Play Store)

If your New Year’s resolutions require organizational improvement, Asana is the place to go.

In fact, we could all do it with Asana. As the organization’s apps progress, it has few competitors, allowing you to track both individual and team projects and reach your goals faster than ever before.

And with an endlessly adaptable interface, views, and layouts, you can tailor your work life the way you want it.

Free, download here.

Adobe Lightroom Photo & Video Editor

Adobe Lightroom

Anyone from amateurs to experts can use it (Photo: Google Play Store)

Adobe Lightroom has long been a valuable tool for professional photographers, but over the years it has attracted more and more ambitious amateurs.

Today, Adobe is embracing this trend and catering to the amateur market by splitting its software into two new subscription specialties.

Whether you’re new to the powerful photo and video editing tools that Adobe has developed over the years, or you’re a nervous user, there’s also a subscription-free version.

Free, download here.

pawn barian

pawn barian

Not just for fantasy fans (Photo: Google Play Store)

Talking about dungeons and goblins, you might think that this strategy game is only for hardcore fantasy fans. you would be wrong

Pawnbarian is a relentlessly addictive app that applies survival mode gameplay to a basic yet respected, old-fashioned chess setup. The resulting game can keep you hooked for hours with paid extensions available to the most ambitious players.

Free, download here.



A bright and engaging way to read (Photo: Google Play Store)

Read Along is designed to teach children to read and write and can be used with or without parental supervision. Safe, easy to operate and very attractive.

The idea here is that children can read stories from the app’s vast (and world-wide) collection of stories. The app listens and identifies what is read incorrectly.

Read Along mixes things up by offering a variety of additional mini-games, such as vocabulary-enhancing time challenges and spelling tests.

It’s all free and doesn’t require internet access, so you can take it anywhere.

Free, download here.

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